The Beginning

As restless as we all are, every day for us is like a fresh opportunity to create something that in some way or the other gratifies us. One such fine day we were discussing our passion for travel and how it soothes us. The more we spoke, the more it became apparent how common our perspectives towards travel are. The fact that it removes us from our everyday reality and gives a new experience, each time, the thought itself is so invigorating and enthralling. Even more so as dancers, for us the association with travel was more creative than anything else.

So we decided that we had to go out and mix these two loves, for dancing and for travel.

Thus began the process of intensive research.  We believed in the simplicity of our idea. We wanted to make a series of web episodes that translate our experiences into what we call ‘visual experiences’. It was absolutely essential that the passion carries through into our videos and quality was our first priority.

But as they say, it was a universal conspiracy. One by one things fell in place. The most important was to have a visual production team which will be able to aptly solidify our thoughts on celluloid. Which is when we discussed our idea with Slingshot Creations based in Chennai and they were on board immediately.

And thus began our Journey.

Two months and here we are ready with our very first episode, ready with our story that needs to be told.



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