Travel Log: Jaisalmer Day 1.2

Jaisalmer Fort.

The Marvel of Sandstone that was built by Maharawal Jaisal, and derived its name from him is in fact a World Heritage Site. The Sandstone, the sunlight, the glow of the Thar Desert surrounding this fort, earn it the glorious name of Sonar Kila.



We entered the fort and our first stop was the Kamchya player who sits there playing for pennies. What a beautiful sight he makes with his withered looks, his wrinkled face and his love for his music. He knows that he is a performer, for he forgets his mundane routine and greets everyone with a beautiful smile.

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Music from a folk instrument and then music of Life. Every lane, every nook and corner of this majestic fort is bubbling with activity.  It felt like meeting people from a fairy tale, going about their usual work and yet so magical.


We shot in many lanes and around many shops. People started treating us like a movie crew. I give credit to Prashant Bhaiya, our guide who made sure people knew that an important Movie was being shot. He was a mini celebrity because he was so involved and we kept laughing at his antics, his attention seeking acts. Someone gave Ashna a souvenir as a gift because they thought she was some big star of a big film. Little did they know that we were all treating Ashna like a spot boy, poor girl.


The kila offered a fabulous view of the city. Deepak and Bharadwaj did not want any cliche shots and hence, we did not stop at the terraces to shoot, but whatever little time we spent watching the city from above the fort, we stood rooted to the ground and took in all that our eyes could gather. Breathing and alive, Jaisalmer was more inspiring with every breath.



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