Travel Log: Jaisalmer Day 1.1

Our little guesthouse was our sanctuary during this trip. Dylan Guest house, dedicated to the great Bob Dylan, was a home away from home.  The terrace had been converted into a small rooftop restaurant with low seating and cushions and beautiful fairy lights, and really interesting Bob Dylan Quotes on the walls. We could clearly see the Jaisalmer Fort in all its glory and we couldn’t wait to begin the shoot.

Despite little sleep and the late arrival, we were ready and set to go for our first shoot schedule at the Gadsisar Lake.gadsisar lake (2)

To make it on time we rushed through the morning and skipped breakfast. While the crew was setting the cameras, Karan sir and I went food hunting. Little did we know that we were going to be welcomed by the infamous Rajasthani chilly in the street food. We thought something is better than nothing only to have our faces red within the first few bites. Swearing off street food, we downed what felt like a bucket full of water and rushed to meet the rest.



Once the shoot began, we did not realize how time just flew by.

After some breathtaking shots of the Gadsisar lake, we shifted base to the central attraction of Jaisalmer, the Fort or more lovingly known as the Sonar Kila.

The beauty of this fort is that it is still inhabited by merchants and shop owners who reside within its premises. Unlike any other we have ever seen before there were streets after streets of ethnic Rajasthani goods right outside whitewashed houses with colourful doors. It almost felt like a maze and if it wasn’t for our guide Prashant Bhaiya we would have completely lost our trail. If it wasn’t for Deepak and Bharadwaj, we would have perhaps lost ourselves in the beauty of the majestic fort and forgotten all about the shoot.


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