Travel Log: Jaisalmer 0.2

The seven of us set out on a train journey that we will remember for our entire life. It was a sleeper compartment and our seats were not even together. After multiple requests to our co passengers and a few exchanges (of words and berths) later we were somewhat seated together. Our luggage had all the camera equipment that took up an entire seat along with our bags. The Chennai Boys were travelling very light apart from this 8 Kilo heavy speaker set that we anticipated we will need in our dance shoot.

Coming all the way from Howrah, Kolkata, our train seemed to be incredibly sleepy and tired, for it stopped randomly and at its own discretion.

Station after station passed and while we should have been getting restless because of the delay, we were in fact busy bonding like peas in a pod. Each of us are such different individuals and yet we fit perfectly like puzzle pieces. After Bikaner, we realized that the coach had gotten relatively empty as a lot of passengers had de-boarded at their respective stations.


The train moved at its leisurely pace and we could feel the sand entering through the windows. It was around ten in the night when all of us just sat near the door of the coach and started talking. Probably the perfect conversation to start off this adventure as each one of us spoke of art, dance, travel, and a myriad of ideas that preoccupied us.


The train stopped at so many places, and the most exciting was when the GPS showed how close we were to the Indo-Pak border. Little did we know that this was going to be the most peaceful time of the entire trip.



At 3 am we reached our destination.


The magical name does no justice to how magical this place felt at night. A quiet city with it’s fabulous architecture of sandstone is a small town spread across 5.1 square kilometers.

We had literally arrived.



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