Travel Log: Jaisalmer 0.1

So the bags were packed and Slingshot Creations had arrived from Chennai. This is the first time the entire team was together in Delhi and we just had 24 hours to discuss the entire shoot schedule along with other nitty gritties.

              bj cmg

Deepak Bhagavanth is a perfectionist when it comes to cinematography. He along with our Director Bharadwaj Sunder knew exactly what they wanted for the look of our first video. Assisted by Dinesh Babu, our production team was a solid trio, who were super clear about what they needed.

We three on the other hand, Ria, Priyasha and me Anukriti were absolutely stunned by their efficiency. Language was a barrier because both Deepak and Dinesh did not understand us and vice versa. And then there was Ashna, with her suitcase full of clothes that needed to be approved for the shoot.

To cut a long story short, after a grueling night of discussions, costume changes, schedule finalization and script modifications, we woke up the next morning to catch our train to Jaisalmer from Sarai Rohilla Railway Station.

We were joined by our very dear Karan Kumar on the station, who was the first to reach. We were at the platform at dot 10:30 am to catch our 11 am train. And then it was 11 am and there was no train. We were still excited, having chai, and chatting away as we waited. 3 hours later, it was 2 pm and still no train. Finally at 2:30, our train Howrah Jaisalmer express, coming all the way from Kolkata arrived.

And we boarded our Sleeper compartment that was full, loud and smelly. We still loved it.

train picture option


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